Let’s do this…

I decided to start a blog.  More for myself than anything.  I love reading blogs, especially The Bloggess. Jenny is so real, so open and honest.  Don’t find that very often on social media or online in general.  So, that is what I am hoping to accomplish.  An honest simple blog where I can leave my thoughts, perceptions, anger and happiness. I am a real person, I have a son – Jordan (16 years old – amazing ski racer)  and also a husband – Al (good at stuff – is now remodeling our kitchen, but more on that later). My name is Tami.  We have three dogs currently – a yellow lab and two dachshunds. We live in Minnesota. I am not perfect.  I don’t want to be a professional blogger. I try my best with grammar and punctuation, but am no Grammar Girl for sure.

This is Jordan. He is my life ❤️

This is me. I don’t always wear make-up or even pants for that matter. I try to have a sense of humor. I love animals.

These are our doggies; Oscar is the naughty wiener dog by the window, Rusty is the good wiener dog in the middle, and Shiloh is the giant yellow dog. Seriously though, we love them all.

This is Al and me. We love winter, we are a ski family. This photo was taken at the MN State HS competition in Biwabik, MN.  It was about -30 degrees. Yup. Fun.

So that’s it – my first blog.

Until next time.


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