Don’t run the dishwasher if the kitchen sink is in the garage.

Kitchen remodel 101. This is what I learned today when the kitchen began to flood. Dishwasher 1, Tami 0. 

I am loving our new kitchen, but getting there has been quite the process. Al and I are HGTV fans, quite possibly addicts. It all looks so easy on TV. And it is all done and clean in 30 minutes. Not so in real life. The remodel has been in progress for about a month, some days worse than others. 

The dust is the worst. In the beginning I had a few meltdowns over the dust. The dust and Al constantly being in my space. The kitchen is my happy place, where I hang out. So, when it is being taken over by a man and his tools, what do I do? Well, at first I went to bed. It was quiet and dust free. Then when it was time to take apart the cupboards, I jumped in and helped. I learned to sand, stain and varnish. And even though I didn’t do it Al’s way, it looks great! 

Kitchen early in the remodel-pay close attention to the awesome 80’s golden oak. So stylish:

Mid project-bare bulb in the middle of the room, and no cupboard doors. This was the low point of my existence in this house:

Almost done-just waiting to finish countertops and backsplash:

Isn’t it great? Al is so good at stuff. And I am a pretty good sidekick. Stay tuned for more kitchen updates!


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