Pukeapalooza and a mean weiner dog…

Two more meltdowns this week.  I am hoping to have  a better week very soon.

Monday.  Jordan was home before me.  Do you know what happens when a dog thinks they are a cow (well, she is a yellow lab) and grazes on the grass?  The grass comes back out.  On this day it came out several times.  Once in the kennel and twice upstairs in the house.  Props to Jordan for getting all of that cleaned up. Then Jordan went to work and left me all alone..NEXT…my little wiener dog Rusty got sick because not only does he eat grass, but also “yard snacks” that the other dogs leave in the grass.  yup. It’s a problem. Anyways, he decided to get sick too…in the living room…twice.  And you know what? it wasn’t food. then Shiloh, the yellow lab, wasn’t quite done either.  I couldn’t do it. I had a meltdown and texted Al to hurry and get home because I couldn’t clean it up. Which he did. Thanks Al.  You are my hero. I hope this monday never repeats itself. EVER.

Wednesday.  Jordan and I went to Minneapolis for a 4:00 audition for a modeling gig.  Fingers crossed!  After that I dropped him off at the lake for fishing league with Al…that’s a whole post in itself.  Then, I went to book club.  I love my book club ladies, always such a nice evening to sit, drink wine, and…oh yeah…talk about a book. On this night  were at Tracie’s house.  Beautiful home, cutest.wiener.dog.ever. The dogs name was Shorty. OMG – I fell in love.  Problem was – the dog hated me.  He growled at me a lot and by the end of the night he ended up launching at my face. You guessed it – another meltdown. No one understood how much that hurt my feelings!  How can a wiener dog (my most favorite thing on earth) not love me back???  I still haven’t figured it out.  Thinking it might have something to do with the smell of other wiener dogs on me?  I sure hope so.

Friday. 5:00. Martini in hand, writing blog. no meltdowns in sight. Bloodline binge on Netflix coming on. Happy Friday all.




On meltdown day, my Facebook status was composed in emojis, and this was only until noon i.e. Pre-free pizza (thanks help desk).

It was maybe one of the worst days of my life so far. I realized that day – no matter how well you raise your child(ren) to be good and kind and honest and truthful and respectful to others – that they will still be little jerks at age 16. They might lie…about really stupid stuff. They might disrespect you by doing things you ask them not to, or NOT doing things you ask them to do.  It is a losing battle raising a 16 year old…and I can only hope that every time I have another conversation with him about being honest and respectful, that he is actually listening – even though he is not following through – yet.  He has time, he is still learning. And you know what? No matter what, I still love him more than anything at the end of the day.  All I (and Al) can do it keep teaching him the right way.  He has to learn what is right.

PS…I just found this post in drafts from a week or so ago.  Still new at this blogging stuff 🙂


Don’t run the dishwasher if the kitchen sink is in the garage.

Kitchen remodel 101. This is what I learned today when the kitchen began to flood. Dishwasher 1, Tami 0. 

I am loving our new kitchen, but getting there has been quite the process. Al and I are HGTV fans, quite possibly addicts. It all looks so easy on TV. And it is all done and clean in 30 minutes. Not so in real life. The remodel has been in progress for about a month, some days worse than others. 

The dust is the worst. In the beginning I had a few meltdowns over the dust. The dust and Al constantly being in my space. The kitchen is my happy place, where I hang out. So, when it is being taken over by a man and his tools, what do I do? Well, at first I went to bed. It was quiet and dust free. Then when it was time to take apart the cupboards, I jumped in and helped. I learned to sand, stain and varnish. And even though I didn’t do it Al’s way, it looks great! 

Kitchen early in the remodel-pay close attention to the awesome 80’s golden oak. So stylish:

Mid project-bare bulb in the middle of the room, and no cupboard doors. This was the low point of my existence in this house:

Almost done-just waiting to finish countertops and backsplash:

Isn’t it great? Al is so good at stuff. And I am a pretty good sidekick. Stay tuned for more kitchen updates!

Let’s do this…

I decided to start a blog.  More for myself than anything.  I love reading blogs, especially The Bloggess. Jenny is so real, so open and honest.  Don’t find that very often on social media or online in general.  So, that is what I am hoping to accomplish.  An honest simple blog where I can leave my thoughts, perceptions, anger and happiness. I am a real person, I have a son – Jordan (16 years old – amazing ski racer)  and also a husband – Al (good at stuff – is now remodeling our kitchen, but more on that later). My name is Tami.  We have three dogs currently – a yellow lab and two dachshunds. We live in Minnesota. I am not perfect.  I don’t want to be a professional blogger. I try my best with grammar and punctuation, but am no Grammar Girl for sure.

This is Jordan. He is my life ❤️

This is me. I don’t always wear make-up or even pants for that matter. I try to have a sense of humor. I love animals.

These are our doggies; Oscar is the naughty wiener dog by the window, Rusty is the good wiener dog in the middle, and Shiloh is the giant yellow dog. Seriously though, we love them all.

This is Al and me. We love winter, we are a ski family. This photo was taken at the MN State HS competition in Biwabik, MN.  It was about -30 degrees. Yup. Fun.

So that’s it – my first blog.

Until next time.